Paradise Home Care  is YOUR COMMUNITY CARE RESOURCES LINK, connecting you to appropriate resources for care coordination and education.

In this ever changing health care environment, we are committed to partnering with the right providers to implement ways that can appropriately address this transformational change that we have been undergoing for the last decade or so. New payment methodologies intend to encourage providers to direct patients to a more appropriate care setting.

We have identified key elements and stratified patient populations due to the Increase of dramatic diseases, multiple and chronic illnesses and the collaboration of team members who understand the complexities of patients.

Paradise Home Care offers an innovative care program that has a set of specific protocols and intervention procedures for any health and care issues including chronic diseases and morbidity.

This program is supported by a team of Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Assistances, Case Managers, follow-ups clinicians and therapists working in a home health environment, as well as accredited pharmacies and medical supply companies.

We have comprehensive strategic plan alignment with selected companies to enhance the service we provide by educating, engaging and activating the best services available for a healthy and safe environment for our clients.


Financial Assistance for Care

Who Needs Assistance?

Over 400 programs provide financial assistance for elder care. Help comes from federal, state, and local governments, the VA, non-profits, private organizations, and as many as 50 other agencies. The large number of sources and different and often conflicting qualification rules makes determining one’s eligibility a challenge. By answering a few questions, we help you find the programs for which you or your loved one is currently eligible as well as those programs for which you might become eligible as your situation changes.

Nevada Medicaid Personal Care Services: –  In order to receive Personal Care Services, a request for services must be made. You can do so by calling 800-525-2395. Select option 1 and then select option 4. You can visit the state’s long-term services and support webpage  –

Transportation:- Non-Emergency Medical Transportation  –  MTM Website  –


Our goal is to take care of you