Our  Service Intake Process & Procedure

A Step by Step Guide

We know how stressful it can be making decisions on behalf of your loved one. So we will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with whatever type of care you want us to provide. Once you have determined that there is a need for your loved one to have assistance in personal care and home care services, it is important to honor their wish to remain happy and independent in their own home. But for your own peace of mind, you need to know that they are completely safe and cared for in all situations.

At Paradise Home Care, we understand how difficult the process of choosing in-home care services for your loved one is, so we make it our priority to make the process as smooth, easy and worry free as possible. We believe in changing the lives of our clients and their families for the better. We believe that in every aspect, our service is very unique, just as our clients’ needs are.  We customize our services based on our client’s needs without compromising quality. You can expect to receive a superb and quality services from our company not offered by any other agencies. So reduce  your worries. We are here ready to help and address your needs. We welcome you to experience the quality of care we provide with dedication, respect and dignity. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and our on call hours are evenings and weekends. Please contact us at (702) 320-5222 to learn more about our home care Services.

The following is an integral part of our process for effective implementation of our services.
•  Assessment & Establishing Goals
•  Identification of Health care problems & needs
•  Planning & Implementing a strategy of care
•  Delegation & Supervision of care
•  Maintaining Safe & Effective care
•  Evaluating responses to interventions
•  Collaborating with other healthcare professionals

Generally, in order to implement our services, we will follow the following guideline and steps:

Step 1: In-Home Assessment & Establishing Goal 

Upon the initial phone call, Paradise Home Care will make an appointment at the prospective client’s home with our intake coordinator to assess your individual needs.

Step 2:  Identification of Health Care Problems & Needs Assessment

The client’s health and ADLs (activities of daily living) are reviewed to determine the appropriate care plan. If the client’s needs require a higher level of care, we will assist you in making the appropriate referral.

Step 3: Planning & Implementing a strategy of care

Plan of Care and Signing the Agreement
Going over the written care plan developed by  nurse, social worker and or case manager, that outlines specific services appropriate for the new client complete with specific instructions. The plan is reviewed with legal guardians or other responsible family members and signed for immediate or future service.

Step 4.  Delegation & Supervision of care

Caregiver Selection and Orientation
Our care coordinators will match a caregiver with a client based on skills needed for care, personality, and availability. Caregivers are oriented to the client with detailed explanations of special needs and requirements.

Step 5. Maintaining Safe & Effective care

Monitoring and Review
Our Care Coordinator calls caregivers and clients to monitor care, client condition, and provide additional assistance. Regular visits are made to client’s homes to frequently review the care plan and assess the client and caregiver relationship. Caregivers perform daily documentation of client’s care and special needs and relay any special occurrences based on their observation to our Nurse Supervisor for discussion with families and guardians.

Step 6.  Evaluating responses to interventions

In an effort to assist you in determining if situations arise, for example:- non-life threatening occurrences such as non-injury falls, medication errors /reactions etc. and you or your caregiver think that you might have one of these categories to report, you can go ahead and do so, or call our Team for guidance. We will take the necessary steps to alert all the concerned parties.

Step 7.  Collaborating with other healthcare professionals

We have an interdisciplinary team of professional and paraprofessional staff who analyze each client’s needs, develop care plans and deliver all services. The interdisciplinary team assumes all responsibility for each client’s full range of care.  The benefits of using our services would be realized in two fashions:
1. Reduction in the number of hospital visits.
2. Averting premature or continued institutionalization