Our Story

After a short overseas visit to our homeland, the inspiration to help seniors sprang from my own experience with my mother. She was in her late 80’s when I visited her and it became obvious tome that she was well cared for by family members dozens of grand children which helped her maintain her independence with dignity and pride. She had the support of friends and family. I experienced the rewards of extended family first hand and realized the challenges that face many families today in the USA.

The inspiration to establish a new business model sprang from my experience with my mother. My wife Mary has similar experience with her 80 old year grandmother, witnessing dedicated family members from young to old giving care service with love, honor and dignity. It became obvious that the help they were getting was so magnificent. The environment they created and the assistance they provided to maintain their dignity and independence was well beyond imaginations. We witnessed and experienced the rewards firsthand to realize the challenges that face many families today here in America. 

In 2001, me and my wife Mary relying on our cultural heritage of extended family system, and witnessing and living through that first-hand experience, the kind of compassionate care provided by our own family members brought the desire to extend those kind services to our community in Las Vegas. We believed extending these kinds of services could help our seniors live independently in the privacy of their home.      We started the ground work for a home health agency and named it Paradise Home Home Health Agency. We began business development with the opening of a small office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Relying heavily on our own family and cultural experience coupled with the need and desire to help other seniors propelled us to launch this new company. We started this home care business development on own instincts and driven by entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with years of business development experience and customer service skills to embark on an uncharted healthcare territory. We dedicated three and half years of our time, energy and resource engaging ourselves in research on geriatrics and daunting State & Federal regulation governing elder care.

That is why we created first, Paradise Home Health Agency in 2001, and then incorporated Paradise Healthcare Services, Inc. dba Paradise Home Care in 2004 as a non-medical personal care and in-home care agency.

Our dreams for non-medical elder care services to help seniors live independently with dignity and respect in their own familiar surroundings -their own home- became a reality in 2004. Paradise Home Care as a subsidy was launched and started operation as one of the city’s most trusted non-medical personal care and in-home care service agency, a much needed source of elder care in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The foundation of extending personal care services is built upon our God given gift, calling, and vision. Our ability to create a business concept that not only meets the important cultural, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of today’s growing population of seniors, but offers opportunities that leaves a long-lasting legacy for future generations. It is also evidence of our inspiration and our unique entrepreneurial talents. That is why we embarked on this journey committing our selves to enable and empower our seniors and their families by providing the highest quality care, support and professional services that would enable them to remain in their own homes and still receive the assistance necessary to enjoy highest quality of life possible. 

Paradise Home Care provides personal care and in-home care services for seniors and people with physical and cognitive challenges. Our services are also designed for practically any living arrangement where an older adult simply needs human interaction and help with day-to-day activities.

Paradise Home Care employs PCAs-Personal Care Assistants and CNAs-Certified Nurses Aides- who provide non-medical home care services to senior citizens that include assistance  with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) & Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) which includes personal care, companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, errands and shopping.

 We are licensed as Intermediary Service Organization (ISO) to provide Self-Directed Skilled Care program such as Catheter care • Wound care • Oxygen management • Medication management • Bowel Care • Tube Feedings • And more. This is provided under the provision of NRS 629.091 skilled services by unskilled employee.  We have a Registered Nurse to coordinate, supervise the services, and train employees.

Today, Paradise Home Care is one of the most trusted provider of comprehensive personal care and in-home care services for seniors. The company is conveniently located in mid town servicing City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and surrounding communities within Clark County.