We work together as a coordinated team, communicating frequently with your case manager. We meet regularly for individualized case conferences, where the only topic for discussion is your care and your individualized service plan.

We have established Brand Name & Proven System for Personal Care & In-Home Care Solutions for Our Seniors

Looking for the right caregiving agency for your personal care and in-home care service needs? Don’t look any where else. Paradise Home Care with over 17 years of caregiving experience is here to service your needs. Some of our Senior & Elder Residents in Clark County & surrounding communities in Sothern Nevada who continue to live in the comfort of their own home, can do  and choose to do so to keep their independence. Our trained office staff understand the Community we live in very well and only matches our Seniors with an appropriate and experienced caregivers.

During one on one meeting with you or your loved one, we explain fully the services available, answer any additional questions, and help with the important care decisions faced by the family with a loved one in need.

Make your life a little easier, with a personalized care plan recommended by your social worker or case manager to ensure appropriate care is given within the comfort of your loved ones home.

Our trained caregivers provide a wide array of in-home care senior & elder care services, including:

  • Light housekeeping tasks
  • Meal Preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Quality Companionship
  • Escort and/or accompanying client to doctor when necessary (or requested)
  • Doctor Appointment Coordination
  • Medication Reminders
  • Hygiene Assistance
  • Fall Prevention / Ambulation Assistance
  • Respite care for family caregivers
  • Socialization support for the client
  • Activities, such as going on walks, participation encouragement
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Specialty Care

Each of the services listed above is provided by caregivers who are highly trained, and experienced in home care and personal care service. Our caregivers are chosen for their dedication to people…and to the extra touch that is Paradise Home Care

These professionals and the services they provide include:

Admissions Coordinator (Intake Coordinator), who reviews your needs with you and consults with your case manager, as well as family members, to determine what services you need.

  • They speak frequently with your case manager, providing him/her with current information about your condition.
  • They take care of the paperwork for you, making sure that you get all the services you need.
  • They take the time to see that all your questions are answered and potential problems are resolved immediately.
  • They work closely with you and your case managers, service coordinators, family members and responsible persons to assure all of your personal needs are met.

Supervisors & Care Coordinators (Service Coordinators), who make an assessment visit to identify your particular medical, emotional, social and home care needs. The Supervisors & Care Coordinators (Service Coordinators) create, with input from your case manager or responsible person, an individualized care plan which outlines all of the services you will need. They serve as team leaders, coordinating the different services that come into your home and making sure that a record or schedule is maintained.

They contact your case manager, physician, family member or responsible person immediately, if your condition changes, to adjust your patient care plan as needed.

What makes Paradise Home Care Unique?

Through our dedications and expert staff, we offer a comprehensive range of in-home care services. We are proud to honor a tradition of providing the best care to clients from all walks of life and touching every life in the communities we serve-including ours.

We have grown to become one of the best state certified non medical services home care agency. Our growth and continued success is a testament to thevalue placed on us by the community and to the talent and dedication of all the people of Paradise Home Care.

Moreover, our success serves as a beacon of opportunity for diverse people like us from all walks of life who are just as committed as we are to making a real difference in providing the best client care.

What makes Paradise Home Care different than other non-medical home care companies?

We provide services the old-fashioned way. We consider our clients as our own family members. We do the things we would do for ourselves or for our loved ones. Things like basic assistance with personal care, cleaning and running errand, and the little things like companion care, playing a game or taking a walk.

How do we select our caregivers?

All of our caregivers go through strict and an extensive pre-employment screening process including a criminal background check, as well as reference checks. Once they pass the first stage, they get 20 hours of training and orientation before face to face meetings with the clients. As a client you can choose the one with whom you feel most comfortable.

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